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Welcome to Hamro Sunshine School’s official Website, we hope you will find all of the information you are looking for and that the website will give you an insight into the life at our non-profit school which is being run by Hamro Sunshine School Foundation, a social organization registered as per the law of Nepal and affiliated to Social Welfare Council(SWC), Nepal.

We are supporting needy children who have a financially poor background due to many reasons. We provide school education and day time meals to the children. Many children are from different territories of Nepal. They have difficult stories which challenge them to move forward to education in
their life as many of them are orphans, semi-orphans, facing a financially critical situation, affected by the multi-marital problem of parents, disabled parents who cannot earn to provide education for their kids and so many other social problems of Nepali society.

Currently, we are running from grade 1 to 12. Year on year the school has improved its facilities to create a good atmosphere of learning and has achieved high standards in literacy and numeracy. Our children achieve good standards in reading, writing, maths, and science.
We follow the curriculum of the Curriculum Development Center(CDC), the Government of Nepal. It is outstanding, providing a broad range of experiences which helps to create many opportunities in the life of children. 

We follow the different evaluation system which is applied in Nepal. We apply a continuous assessment system(CAS) and other term exams, final exams, etc. Children enjoy learning different activities such as music, dance, arts, Taekwondo, etc as extracurricular activities at our school. 
Our teachers are qualified, laborious, and enthusiastic on-site that teach high-quality education. Our after school activities also provide a vast range of physical and creative experiences.

We collaborate with different legally established organizations that are working in Nepal and abroad which help us to achieve our goals. 
We aim to recognize each child’s individual talents and potentials which can help them to survive in their life. We believe that our school is very special for every child and teacher. We have created a learning environment to be proud of, amazing teachers and support staff who can understand every child who studies here, and as a result, the pupils are engaged, enthusiastic, and proud of being a part of it.

If you wish to know more about our school, you are welcome to each and every page of this website.
Kind regards,
Dibesh Khatree


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